• Avoid last- minute pressure for TJC and CMS surveys.
  • Keep your organization ready for unannounced surveys.
  • Receive tailored findings and recommendations based on your organization’s greatest strengths and needs.
  • Tap on-site and off-site technical assistance with implementing corrective actions.

Barrins & Associates’ Continuous Survey Readiness Program for Behavioral Healthcare organizations incorporates a proven strategy for ongoing compliance with Joint Commission and CMS standards and continuous readiness for your next survey.



The focus of the Continuous Survey Readiness Program is to develop the internal capacity of your organization to manage TJC and CMS standards and maintain ongoing compliance for a continuous state of readiness. Our Continuous Survey Readiness Program includes:

  • Evaluate your current level of compliance with specific TJC and CMS standards with our comprehensive baseline Organizational Assessment, which is tailored to your Behavioral Healthcare organization’s specific scope of service, client population and settings. This baseline Organizational Assessment provides a foundation for a Customized Survey Preparation Plan for TJC and CMS survey readiness.

  • Learn how to conduct tracers and incorporate the results into your Behavioral Healthcare organization’s Performance Improvement program with our Internal Tracer Process training. We provide user-friendly tracer tools that address all of the key TJC and CMS standards.

  • Give your staff a critical opportunity to experience the TJC or CMS survey process and gain confidence in their survey presentation skills. Our Mock Survey simulates the actual agenda for your TJC or CMS survey and includes numerous tracers and all of the standard TJC and CMS survey interviews. We coach your managers and staff on how to handle challenging survey issues using the most current TJC and CMS survey techniques.

  • In February 2013, The Joint Commission’s new annual Focused Standards Assessment (FSA) replaced the previous TJC requirement for Periodic Performance Review. We provide technical assistance on completion of the FSA. This includes tracers, medical record reviews and policy review to assess your compliance with TJC’s new RISK standards.

  • Develop a Focused Medical Record Review Process, which is critical to a successful TJC and CMS Continuous Survey Readiness program. Our consultants work with your team to design a process that monitors compliance with key TJC and CMS documentation requirements. We also provide best-practice examples of TJC and CMS compliant medical records documentation.

  • Ensure that your staff has the latest information on new TJC standards and requirements, which are issued each year. Our team provides annual Joint Commission Update Training for your managers and staff, as well as strategies for compliance.

  • In addition to on-site visits scheduled throughout the year, we provide TJC and CMS Continuous Survey Readiness Support off-site via phone and e-mail consultation. We schedule periodic conference calls to help your team stay abreast of new TJC and CMS standards and requirements. Through our Off-Site Continuous Survey Readiness Support, we troubleshoot for you throughout the year and keep your Behavioral Healthcare organization TJC- and CMS-ready on an ongoing basis.

We can design a Continuous Survey Readiness Program for your Behavioral Healthcare organization.