• Receive tailored findings and recommendations based on your organization’s greatest strengths and needs.
  • Reach optimal performance on your next TJC or CMS survey.
  • Avoid last-minute pressure.

Barrins & Associates has proven expertise in preparing Behavioral Healthcare organizations for successful TJC and CMS surveys. Our consulting team is led by a former Joint Commission surveyor and includes psychiatry, nursing, social work, psychology, health information management and engineering. All consultants have hands-on experience in directing successful TJC and CMS Survey Preparation programs in accredited Behavioral Healthcare organizations.



We have a proven strategy for TJC and CMS survey success that we tailor to the needs of each unique Behavioral Healthcare organization. Our proven approach to successful Survey Preparation includes:

  • Evaluate your current level of compliance with specific TJC and CMS standards with our comprehensive baseline Organizational Assessment, which is tailored to your Behavioral Healthcare organization’s specific scope of service, client population and settings. This baseline Organizational Assessment provides a foundation for a Customized Survey Preparation Plan for TJC and CMS survey readiness.

  • Ensure that managers and staff understand the intent, rationale, and specific requirements of the latest TJC and CMS standards through our training program. Our consultants provide customized training to help your team understand how the various TJC and CMS standards are applied in your specific Behavioral Healthcare programs. Our Standards Training provides best-practice examples for meeting the most challenging standards.

  • Give your staff a critical opportunity to experience the TJC or CMS survey process and gain confidence in their survey presentation skills. Our Mock Survey simulates the actual agenda for your TJC or CMS survey and includes numerous tracers and all of the standard TJC and CMS survey interviews. We coach your managers and staff on how to handle challenging survey issues using the most current TJC and CMS survey techniques.

  • Detail the specific actions needed to bring your organization into full compliance with TJC and CMS standards. The Customized Survey Preparation Plan provides a road map and timetable for achieving a successful survey outcome. Identify the action steps, target dates and responsible individuals needed to implement the Customized Survey Preparation Plan.

  • Develop strategies for managing your next TJC or CMS survey and preparing your staff for the tracers conducted during the TJC and CMS surveys. This includes preparation for the TJC and CMS interviews that are part of the survey agenda.

  • Evaluate your organization’s compliance with the TJC and CMS Environment of Care, Emergency Management and Life Safety standards and develop an action plan for compliance on your survey. We provide a Life Safety Code Specialist who is an engineer and expert on both the NFPA Life Safety Code and TJC/CMS Environment of Care standards. Our services include a comprehensive review of your physical plant to determine compliance with the NFPA Life Safety Code and hands-on technical assistance with completion of the Statement of Condition required by TJC.

We can design a customized Survey Preparation Program for your Behavioral Healthcare organization.