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Behavioral Healthcare Compliance for TJC and CMS: Updates and Resources

In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, up-to-date information and resources are critical for ongoing regulatory compliance. Our team will help you stay on top of TJC and CMS behavioral healthcare compliance updates so your organization can ensure continuous regulatory readiness.

See behavioral healthcare compliance posts below from our recent newsletters and access our newsletter archive and behavioral healthcare industry links.

Therapist reviewing patient condition for pain management.

Pain Management: New Requirements in TJC Behavioral Health Standards

Is your organization surveyed under The Joint Commission’s Behavioral Health Care standards? If so, be aware of new requirements effective July 1, 2019 related to pain assessment and pain management. First, let’s review the current requirements and then take a look at the new ones coming in July.

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Behavioral Health Treatment Planning Session.

Treatment Planning in Behavioral Healthcare: Survey Challenges

“Oh, no! The surveyors cited us again for treatment planning.” It’s an all-too-common refrain following a Joint Commission or CMS survey. Sure, it's frustrating and, yes, there is surveyor variability. But if you tackle the  the most common pitfalls, you'll definitely...

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