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Behavioral Healthcare Compliance for TJC and CMS: Updates and Resources

In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, up-to-date information and resources are critical for ongoing regulatory compliance. Our team will help you stay on top of TJC and CMS behavioral healthcare compliance updates so your organization can ensure continuous regulatory readiness.

See behavioral healthcare compliance posts below from our recent newsletters and access our newsletter archive and behavioral healthcare industry links.

TJC Introduces New SAFER Matrix Scoring Methodology

We’ve been keeping you updated on changes to the scoring methodology and survey process for psychiatric hospitals that use TJC accreditation for deemed status. As previously discussed, the changes to the scoring methodology are effective for psychiatric hospitals as of June 6, 2016. TJC has now formally announced that these changes will go into effect for all other accreditation programs (including Behavioral Health) effective January 1, 2017.

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TJC Update on Texting of Orders

Up until now, it has been TJC’s position that the texting of orders did not meet TJC standards. Effective May, 2016, TJC has updated this position and will now allow the texting of orders provided that certain features are in place. First and foremost, the text messages must be sent via a secure text messaging platform include the specific features.

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Update on TJC Survey Process for Psychiatric Hospitals

As reported in our March newsletter, significant changes are occurring to the TJC accreditation process for psychiatric hospitals. TJC recently sent an email to all psychiatric hospitals that use accreditation for deemed status. It outlined the changes to survey reports, scoring, and the post-survey response process effective June 6, 2016. In addition, there have been some changes to the TJC survey process for psychiatric hospitals.

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Changes to TJC Accreditation Process for Psychiatric Hospitals

If you are a psychiatric hospital that uses TJC accreditation for deemed status, you probably received an email communication recently from TJC entitled “Important Update on The Joint Commission Accreditation Process for Psychiatric Hospitals.” This notification discusses some significant changes to survey reports, scoring, and the post-survey process for psychiatric hospitals. These changes were discussed at the Consultants Forum we recently attended at TJC and are now being communicated officially to the field. The following is a summary of the key changes that go into effect June 6, 2016 (only for psychiatric hospitals that use TJC accreditation for deemed status.)

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Oro 2.0 High Reliability Organizational Assessment

The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare recently made available the Oro 2.0 High Reliability Organizational Assessment. The assessment is an online tool designed to assist hospitals in evaluating their progress toward high reliability and support them in attaining the goal of zero patient harm. The web-based tool is available to accredited organizations on their Joint Commission Connect extranet site. The Oro 2.0 Assessment guides the leadership team through a series of questions on key strategic performance issues. It’s based on the High Reliability Maturity Model.

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New Behavioral Health Care Standards for Permanent Housing Support Services

Effective July 1, 2016, TJC’s Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program will include standards for case management services provided to individuals being served in a Housing First program. The new standards are designed to assist individuals with serious mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and other behavioral healthcare issues. They are applicable only to TJC accredited behavioral healthcare organizations that provide case management services to for clients in a Housing First program.

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