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Behavioral Healthcare Compliance for TJC and CMS: Updates and Resources

In today’s dynamic regulatory environment, up-to-date information and resources are critical for ongoing regulatory compliance. Our team will help you stay on top of TJC and CMS behavioral healthcare compliance updates so your organization can ensure continuous regulatory readiness.

See behavioral healthcare compliance posts below from our recent newsletters and access our newsletter archive and behavioral healthcare industry links.

Virtual Joint Commission Surveys: What’s the Status?

Virtual Joint Commission Surveys: What’s the Status?

As we know, once the pandemic hit, TJC launched its virtual survey process. The number of virtual Joint Commission surveys increased dramatically over the past year as the Public Health Emergency continued. Fast forward: TJC reinstituted routine onsite surveys effective March 15th. However, they’ll continue with a certain volume of virtual surveys in the near term. We’re providing an update on how these surveys are unfolding in the field. And how to prepare if you’re anticipating a virtual Joint Commission survey.

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