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[lead]With the start of the new year, we are introducing a major redesign of our brand, including a new logo, Website and other materials. The result is exciting![/lead]

What’s new online?

A cleaner design

It’s been about 8 years since our last redesign. The Web has changed immensely during that time, so we started from scratch to create the best possible foundation for our clients’ growing needs. The result is a crisp, unified, and user-friendly interface that serves as a resource to our clients and others in the BH community.

Mobile friendly

More people are reading on phones and tablets than ever before, and until recently, that meant a lot of pinching and zooming. We now utilize a technique known as “responsive” design. Pages should work great whether you’re reading in the office or on the go.

Information at your fingertips

Those who subscribe to our email newsletter receive useful information and compliance updates from Barrins & Associates on a monthly basis. We strive to keep you apprised of developing and important changes to TJC and CMS standards via these emails. To further this benefit, we have made all of our newsletter content from 2014 available on our Website under Resources, and we will continue to do so from now on. As always, past newsletters are available via links under our Newsletter Archive.

Additionally, we have added a search function to our Website. From any page on our site, you can click on the search box on the right side of the menu and type in any terms you choose. The results will include any articles on our site that contain the word(s) queried, making it that much easier for you to find relevant content.

More to come

Our plan is to continue cultivating our Website as a true online resource for our clients. As part of that plan, in the future, we will make resources and documents available to you for viewing and/or downloading. As the needs of our clients progress, we plan to further develop our Website to meet those needs and provide as much information as possible to keep your organization performing optimally on surveys.


We hope you’re as happy with our new Website as we are. Good redesigns are never just about new fonts or colors, so we hope you agree that the site not only looks great but, more importantly, works great. That said, we can’t rule out occasional hiccups. If you find errors, please contact us to report them. We also welcome your comments and suggestions, and we will continue to work improvements into our Website, as well as our services.

Anne Barrins, CSW