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Joint Commission Continuous Readiness Services

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Keeping your organization continuously compliant with TJC standards and ready for an unannounced survey is a significant challenge! Often, the pressure of daily operations takes precedence over keeping up with the standards. Partnering with Joint Commission continuous readiness experts can change that.

We help you build Joint Commission continuous readiness throughout the survey cycle instead of the frantic last-minute survey preparation. Our Joint Commission continuous readiness services lay the foundation for ongoing compliance and sustained survey readiness.

We have partnered with behavioral healthcare organizations nationwide to build their Joint Commission continuous readiness programs and avoid the stress of last-minute survey preparation.

Barrins & Associates: Joint Commission Continuous Readiness Experts

We have a proven approach for developing continuous readiness and building TJC compliance into your everyday operations. Our continuous readiness services include:

Unannounced Mock TJC Surveys

We conduct unannounced mock surveys to strengthen your survey readiness capacity. During the mock survey, we provide real-time feedback to your team on handling the most current survey challenges. We also offer best practice tools and resources to support your Joint Commission continuous readiness throughout the survey cycle.


We deliver education and training on new TJC standards, survey trends, and hot topics we’re seeing in surveys across the country. Our nationwide perspective on TJC trends in behavioral healthcare brings you the most current information you need from a team of Joint Commission continuous readiness experts.

Monthly E-Newsletter

Our monthly electronic newsletter provides valuable information and advice on new TJC and CMS requirements applicable to your behavioral healthcare organization. We analyze the new standards, provide best practice for compliance, and share solutions from clients across the country who have worked with our TJC continuous readiness specialists.

Offsite Support

In addition to on-site visits, we provide off-site support via phone conferences and email consultation. We answer questions about standards and provide feedback on policies, forms, and tools. We are also available for daily off-site support during your TJC survey.

CMS Post Survey Support

We provide technical assistance after your TJC survey with appeals, plans of correction, and preparation for follow-up surveys. If you have an adverse decision, we help you navigate your next steps with TJC to ensure that you maintain your full accreditation.

Why Choose Our Continuous Readiness Services for The Joint Commission?

We have a nationwide perspective on Joint Commission compliance for the behavioral healthcare industry. Our extensive database of TJC survey findings and team of Joint Commission continuous readiness consultants gives us up-to-the-minute information on what is currently trending in TJC surveys. Using this information, we help ensure your policies and procedures meet current survey expectations.

We also provide auditing tools so you can monitor your compliance on an ongoing basis. Client feedback on our monthly newsletter and webinars is that they are “invaluable.”

Let our Joint Commission readiness consultants provide the nationally recognized services that have made us a leader in the field for 20 years. Contact us today by calling 1-888-742-4621, or get in touch online by filling out our contact form.

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Let us design a TJC continuous survey readiness program for your behavioral healthcare organization.