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Joint Commission Survey Preparation

Healthcare professionals doing Joint Commission Survey PreparationPreparing your behavioral healthcare organization for a Joint Commission survey can be a significant challenge! Often, the lead-up to survey is chaotic, time consuming, and stressful for an organization.

Enlisting the assistance of Joint Commission survey preparation consultants minimizes this stress. It gives you the advantage of content experts who do this work nationwide on a full time basis. The result is smoother survey preparation and a successful survey outcome.

Our preparation services for Joint Commission surveys are based on a proven strategy for survey success. Utilizing our extensive database of Joint Commission survey findings, we zero in on the most critical standards for your setting, scope of service, and patient population.

Based on our intimate knowledge of the Joint Commission survey process, we simulate that survey process for your organization. Our approach is based on 20 years’ experience providing Joint Commission survey preparation to the behavioral healthcare industry. We customize that approach to meet the unique needs of your behavioral healthcare organization and the specific services you provide.

Barrins & Associates: Experienced Consultants for Joint Commission Survey Preparation

Education and Training

We provide customized education for your team on the standards and how they will be surveyed in your programs. We also provide samples of policies, plans, and templates that are compliant with Joint Commission standards.

Gap Analysis

For organizations seeking initial Joint Commission accreditation, we conduct a gap analysis to evaluate your current level of compliance with TJC standards. Our gap analysis tool is tailored to your behavioral healthcare organization’s specific scope of service, client population, and settings. This baseline gap analysis we conduct as TJC survey preparation specialists provides a foundation for a customized action plan for Joint Commission accreditation.

Joint Commission Mock Surveys

Our mock survey simulates the actual agenda for your TJC survey. It gives your staff the opportunity to experience the Joint Commission survey process and gain confidence in their survey presentation skills. We include patient tracers and all the standard TJC interviews. Our Joint Commission survey preparation consultants guide you on how to handle challenging survey issues using the most current TJC survey techniques.

Customized Survey Preparation

We help you develop a detailed action plan for bringing your organization into full compliance with Joint Commission standards. Our customized Joint Commission survey preparation services give you to a roadmap for achieving a successful survey outcome. It identifies the action steps, target dates and outcomes needed to achieve survey success.

Life Safety, Environment of Care, Emergency Management Reviews

We evaluate your organization’s compliance with Environment of Care, Emergency Management, and Life Safety standards and help you develop an action plan for compliance. Our Life Safety Specialist is an expert on both the NFPA Life Safety Code and TJC/CMS standards. In addition to our expert services for TJC survey preparation, we also provide technical assistance with completion of the Statement of Conditions.

Survey Management Coaching

We coach your team on strategies for managing your Joint Commission survey. This includes best practices for managing the survey agenda, handling staff interviews, preparing documents, selecting medical records, organizing HR and medical staff files, and reviewing the SAFER matrix each day with surveyors.

Why Are We the Right Choice for TJC Survey Preparation Services?

Our company was founded by a former Joint Commission surveyor. We have an in-depth understanding of Joint Commission accreditation and how TJC is currently surveying behavioral healthcare organizations. Our Joint Commission survey preparation consultants put that knowledge to work for you and your team so you can achieve survey success.

When you partner with Barrins & Associates Consulting, you can be confident you’re getting the best practices in Joint Commission survey preparation. Get started with us today by calling 1-888-742-4621 or filling out our online contact form.

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