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Managing your onsite Joint Commission survey can be a challenge! Our experience as consultants has shown us that survey management plays a key role in survey success. Our TJC survey management coaching services give your team the skills they need to manage the survey process and achieve successful survey outcomes.

Document Review

We help you organize your documents for review on the first morning of survey. This includes not only the documents listed in the TJC Survey Activity Guide but additional documents commonly requested by surveyors. When working with our Joint Commission survey management consultants, you avoid the last minute chaos of trying to gather documents after surveyors arrive.

Leadership Presentation

We provide tips on developing your Organization Overview that you’re required to present on the first morning of survey. The TJC survey management services at Barrins & Associates make sure you have a polished presentation ready to go on Day 1.

Patient Tracers
We coach your mangers and front line staff on how to participate in the patient-specific tracers that surveyors will conduct. Your staff learn how to review records with surveyors. After your team goes through our Joint Commission survey management coaching, they’ll know how best to answer questions about patient care and clinical documentation.

Medication Room Inspections
We practice with you how the surveyors will inspect your medication storage areas. Your staff will learn how to answer the most commonly asked questions about medication storage and administration from our TJC survey management consultants.

Systems Tracers
TJC surveyors conduct several “Systems Tracers” during your Joint Commission survey including:

  • Human Resources/Competency Assessment
  • Performance Improvement/Data Use
  • Envronment of Care/Emergency Management
  • Medical Staff Credentialing & Privileging
  • Infection Control
  • Medication Management

TJC survey management coaching groupWe conduct dress rehearsals for each of these sessions.  You get to practice the questions that will be asked. As well as what information to have ready, and what documents to make available. 
Environmental Tours

We prepare your Facilities Management staff for how surveyors will evaluate your physical plant. Your staff understands what the surveyors will look for. And how they’ll score the Life Safety, Environment of Care, and Emergency Management standards.

Daily Briefings

Our TJC survey management specialists coach your leadership team on how to handle the daily briefings the surveyors conduct. You learn how to analyze the SAFER matrix and what questions to ask about how the survey is really going.
Managing Communication during Survey

Communication throughout the survey is a critical factor for success. We coach your leaders and managers on how to optimize communication during the survey to achieve better outcomes. This includes:

  • Setting up a Command Central
  • Assigning surveyor escorts and scribes
  • Responding to surveyor requests
  • Fixing issues before survey ends
  • Communicating tracer findings between units
  • Conducting debriefings each day for your leadership team
  • Using the Special Issue Resolution sessions on your agenda
  • Communicating with your survey team leader

With these survey management skills in hand, your team is confident and on top of their game as the survey unfolds each day.

Why Choose Barrins & Associates for Survey Management Coaching?

Our insights to the Joint Commission survey process are based on our experience as surveyors and our 20 years of work with behavioral healthcare organizations nationwide on TJC survey preparation. We’ve prepared over 300 organizations for managing their TJC surveys and our expert team of Joint Commission survey management consultants want to help you too.

Partner with us today and get the survey management skills you need to succeed on your Joint Commission survey. Call us at 1-888-742-4621 to discuss your needs or fill out our online contact form.

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