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Patient Safety: Clinical and Environmental

Two woman going through Joint Commission patient safety consultingAre you a psychiatric hospital or behavioral healthcare organization trying to meet Joint Commission and CMS requirements for ligature risk reduction and suicide risk assessment? As you know, these are two aspects of patient safety that surveyors closely scrutinize during both TJC and CMS surveys. Finding the right patient safety consulting services gives you the confidence that you’re thoroughly addressing these high priority areas.

A comprehensive patient safety program must address both the clinical and environmental domains. It needs to include a consistent approach to clinical suicide risk assessment and suicide risk mitigation as well as attention to suicide and self-harm risks in the environment. That is why it is critical to work with experts in patient safety consulting.

Patient Safety Consultation

Our customized patient safety consultation addresses both the clinical and environmental domains of your program. Our Life Safety Specialist and Clinical Social Worker combine their expertise to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your patient safety program. They provide technical assistance on how to improve patient safety based on your setting and patient population.

Evaluation of your Environment

The environmental component of our patient safety consultation includes the following features:

  • Environmental tours of patient care areas with your staff
  • Review of your internal environmental risk assessment
  • Identification of ligature and self-harm risks
  • Education on TJC and CMS requirements for ligature risk reduction
  • Technical assistance with completion of your environmental risk assessment
  • Sharing of Best Practice tools and resources

Our Life Safety Specialist works side by side with your Environmental team. Together, they roll up their sleeves and come up with the best approach for making your environment as safe as possible for your patients.

Evaluation of your Clinical Processes

Individual completing a Patient Satisfaction survey for Behavioral Healthcare

The clinical components of our patient safety consultation services include the following features:

  • Education on TJC requirements for suicide risk assessment and risk mitigation
  • Review of your process for suicide risk screening and suicide risk assessment
  • Review of policies and procedures related to suicide risk screening and assessment
  • Consultation on best practices for suicide risk screening and assessment
  • Technical assistance on linking suicide risk assessment to treatment planning
  • Sharing of samples, tools, and resources related to suicide risk assessment

Our Clinical Social Worker works with your clinical team to understand your patients, your services, and how you approach suicide risk assessment and treatment planning. By using our patient safety consultation services, you’re ensuring that you are addressing all your patient safety needs.

Benefits to your Organization

Our patient safety consultation brings the following benefits to you and your team:

  • Your clinical and environmental staff collaborate to develop a cohesive approach to patient safety.
  • You understand what you need to do to fully comply with TJC and CMS standards.
  • You learn about Best Practices, tools, and resources.
  • You’re prepared for how patient safety will be reviewed during your next TJC or CMS survey.


Why Choose Barrins & Associates for your Patient Safety Consultation?

We’ve worked with over 300 behavioral healthcare organizations nationwide. From our extensive work in the industry, we’ve developed our customized patient safety consultation. Psychiatric hospitals, behavioral health organizations, and psychiatric units in med/surg hospitals have all benefited from it.

Our team of experts in patient safety consultation are here to help you find the right solution for your needs. Call us at 1-888-742-4621 to discuss your needs or fill out our online contact form.

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Schedule a customized consultation and reap the benefit of our expert Patient Safety Consultation covering both the clinical and environmental aspects of Behavioral Healthcare.