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Education and Training on Joint Commission Standards and Survey Process

Are you seeking successful survey results? If so, the first step is educating your team on the Joint Commission standards and survey process. Understanding the intent of the standards and how they’ll be applied in your organization is critical for survey success.

Tackling the Joint Commission Standards Group of individuals participating in Joint Commission Training session

Getting a grasp on the hundreds of different standards in the manual can be an overwhelming task. The Hospital manual has 18 chapters. The Behavioral Health manual has 15 chapters. Organizations typically have many questions. “Which standards apply to us? Which standards are the most important? How will the surveyors evaluate our compliance with the standards? Do you have samples of forms and tools that meet the standards?”

Customized Joint Commission Education and Training

Our customized TJC education and training answers these questions and makes this task manageable. We provide:

  • Training on the specific standards applicable to your setting (inpatient, residential, PHP/IOP, outpatient, etc.)
  • Identification of the specific requirements for your patient population (geriatric, children, adolescents, substance abuse, ECT, etc.)
  • Education on how the surveyors will evaluate your compliance with standards
  • Samples of TJC-compliant policies, plans, forms, and other tools
  • Technical assistance on compliance with current high focus areas
  • Techniques for managing the onsite survey process

Survey Confidence

With our 20 years’ nationwide experience in behavioral healthcare consulting, we deliver top notch TJC education and training for your team. We give you the knowledge you need to approach your survey with confidence. Confidence in your Joint Commission education and training consultants leads to success.

New Joint Commission Standards Sign

Focused TJC Educational Topics

In addition to education on TJC standards and survey process, we provide Joint Commission education consulting on a host of other topics related to regulatory compliance and quality management. These include:

  • Annual Updates on TJC Trends for Psychiatric Hospitals and BH Organizations
  • TJC & CMS Update for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Creating a Culture of Safety
  • Outcomes Measurement in Behavioral Health
  • TJC’s Surveying of Ligature Risks
  • Treatment Planning in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Conducting Root Cause Analysis in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Professional Practice Evaluation in Psychiatric Hospitals (FPPE/OPPE)
  • National Patient Safety Goals in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Competence Assessment in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Failure Mode & Effects Analysis in Behavioral Healthcare
  • The Tracer Methodology in Behavioral Healthcare
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Maximizing the Value of Mock Surveys
  • Strategies for Joint Commission Survey Success
  • Tackling Life Safety & Environment of Care in Behavioral Healthcare
  • TJC Survey Management 101

Why Choose Barrins & Associates for Education and Training?

We’ve worked with over 300 behavioral healthcare organizations to educate them on TJC standards, survey process, and related topics. While others work with a variety of healthcare settings, our sole focus is the behavioral healthcare industry. Our team of expert Joint Commission training consultants want to help your organization achieve successful outcomes.

Get started with us today to map out your education and training program. Call us at 1-888-742-4621 to discuss your needs or fill out our online contact form. We’ll customize a program to suit your unique needs.

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