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Joint Commission Accreditation and CMS Compliance Consultants: Partners in Your Success

Are you seeking to obtain or maintain Joint Commission accreditation or CMS compliance for your behavioral healthcare organization? If so, Barrins & Associates Consulting will provide you cutting edge Joint Commission and CMS consulting services to help you maintain ongoing compliance and continuous readiness.

Barrins working through CMS Compliance Support

We’ve been serving behavioral healthcare organizations for over 20 years thanks to our experience, our expertise, and our commitment to our clients. Our services include expert solutions and training customized to meet your organization’s unique strengths and needs.


Why Choose Barrins & Associates?

  • Experience at The Joint Commission: Anne Barrins, who founded Barrins & Associates in 1999, was a Joint Commission surveyor for 13 years. This firsthand experience at The Joint Commission forms the foundation for our expertise in accreditation and regulatory compliance for the Behaivoral Healthcare industry. Our team of associates also includes former Joint Commission surveyors.
  • 100% Success Rate: Every Behavioral Healthcare organization we’ve worked with has succeeded in earning initial Joint Commission accreditation. Our Joint Commission Accreditation Consultants give you all the tools and preparation tactics you need to comply with Joint Commission standards.
  • Individualized Approach: Because your Behaivoral Healthcare organization has its own unique needs, we customize our consulting approach to meet those needs. When you choose our firm, you have access to individualized consultation and technical assistance desgined to ensure accreditation and regulatory compliance.
  • Senior Caliber Team: Our team includes former Joint Commission and CMS surveyors who specialized in surveying Behavioral Health hospitals and organizations. In addition, all associates have held senior leadership positions in TJC accredited and CMS certified organizations. This unique combination of surveying, consulting and operational experience gives you the industry expertise you need to ensure ongoing regulatory readiness.

Services Offered by Barrins & Associates

Our firm offers a variety of services that can help prepare you for The Joint Commission. These include:

Joint Commission Survey Preparation

We have years of experience and knowledge about how The Joint Commission Survey operates. From education and training to gap analysis and patient safety evaluations, we give you all the tools, skills and knowledge you need to successfully complete the survey process. We will even perform TJC mock surveys to provide your organization with a more accurate understanding of what to expect.

Joint Commission Continuous Readiness

You may not always know when to expect a Joint Commission survey. As a result, we offer services to help your behavioral healthcare organization build an individualized readiness plan. We examine your preparedness with unannounced mock surveys and conduct webinars to provide you with new or updated standards.

CMS Compliance Support

Keeping your organization’s policies up-to-date for the CMS is very crucial. Our firm offers CMS compliance assistance in the forms of training, mock CMS surveys, post-survey support and more. If you are unsure about how to integrate The Joint Commission and CMS compliance policies, we will help you create solutions.

Let Our Team Of Experts Help You

Barrins working through CMS and TJC integration

Our team of experts will help you ensure the highest-quality care for patients by keeping you informed and prepared to meet The Joint Commission and CMS compliance standards. Call us now to learn more about our mission and benefits or sign up for our monthly eNewsletter.

View our client list to see the organizations that have partnered with us and read client testimonials for feedback about our services and results. We are proud of our proven track record, extensive client base and our clients’ successes!

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