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Joint Commission and CMS Consultants for Behavioral Healthcare

The landscape for behavioral healthcare accreditation and regulatory compliance has never been more challenging than today. The premiere behavioral healthcare organizations nationwide need to achieve and maintain Joint Commission accreditation and ensure compliance with CMS regulations.

Barrins & Associates Consulting helps you navigate this challenging landscape. As expert consultants for Joint Commission and CMS readiness, we’re nationally recognized within the behavioral healthcare industry. We have the results to back up our reputation as the leading Joint Commission and CMS specialists for behavioral healthcare.

We boast a 100% success rate for initial Joint Commission accreditation. We have a 20 year track record of helping clients maintain Joint Commission accreditation and CMS compliance. We have worked with over 300 behavioral healthcare organizations across the country. Our customer satisfaction rate is consistently high and a large number of our clients are repeat customers who have used our services for 10 or more years.

To get the successful survey outcomes you need and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, enlist the help of the Joint Commission and CMS Consultants at Barrins & Associates.

Joint Commission and CMS Specialists with Two Decades of Experience

When you look for regulatory compliance consultants, you want experts in the industry who will steer you on the right path. You want confidence in the information and guidance you receive. Barrins & Associates has in-depth knowledge of the behavioral healthcare field based on our 20 years in the consulting business combined with the extensive experience of our Joint Commission and CMS consulting team.

Our firm was founded by a former Joint Commission surveyor, and our team has expanded to include other former Joint Commission and CMS surveyors. All associates have extensive clinical and leadership experience in behavioral healthcare, and are dedicated to being expert TJC and CMS consultants. In addition, all associates have led successful regulatory compliance programs within behavioral healthcare organizations. We bring the power of this knowledge and experience to work for your organization!

Services Available From Our TJC and CMS Expert Consultants

To get you the results you need, we provide a range of services including:

Settings Served by Our TJC and CMS Consulting Services

We’ve worked with more than 300 behavioral healthcare organizations nationwide in a variety of settings including:

• Freestanding psychiatric hospitals
• Freestanding behavioral healthcare organizations
• Behavioral healthcare units within acute care hospitals

When we partner with you, you get the benefit of our proven expertise in Joint Commission and CMS consulting. It’s the key to survey success and continuous readiness!

Let’s get started today. Call us at 1-877-546-7206 or get in touch by filling out our online contact form. You can begin by requesting a free quote from our expert team of Joint Commission and CMS consultants.

The Joint Commission

TJC Accreditation and CMS Compliance is Our Specialty

100% Success Rate for TJC Initial Accreditation

20-Year Track Record

More Than 300 Clients Served

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