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Survey Preparation & Continuous Readiness for TJC and CMS

Joint Commission Survey Preparation

Seeking optimal performance on your next TJC survey? Benefit from our experience as TJC surveyors, our expertise in TJC Standards, and our 30-plus years helping behavioral healthcare organizations achieve successful survey outcomes. We provide:

Our detailed reports are delivered to your management team within three days of the on-site consultation. Both on-site and off-site technical assistance is available for support in implementing corrective actions.

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Continuous Joint Commission Readiness

Want to avoid the stress of last-minute preparation for your triennial TJC survey? We offer ongoing consultation and technical assistance throughout the survey cycle. Our Continuous Survey Readiness Services keep behavioral healthcare organizations prepared for triennial and unannounced surveys and include:

Continuous survey readiness is crucial to successful survey outcomes and quality patient care. Let us tailor a customized Continuous Readiness Program to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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CMS Compliance Support

Can your psychiatric hospital demonstrate continuous compliance with the CMS Conditions of Participation? Whether responding to a CMS complaint survey or preparing for a CMS follow-up survey, our CMS compliance support helps ensure your ongoing compliance with the CMS CoPs and includes:

Today’s regulatory environment demands that psychiatric hospitals maintain compliance with both TJC and CMS standards. Our CMS Compliance Support is tailored to provide the resources you need to be positioned for continuous CMS compliance.

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