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Customized Joint Commission Survey Preparation

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Our customized Joint Commission survey preparation kicks into gear once your gap analysis or mock survey has been completed. At that point, we provide technical assistance to help you develop a detailed action plan for achieving Joint Commission survey readiness.

Customized Action Plan

We work with your team to develop a customized TJC action plan with the following components:

  • A chapter-by-chapter listing of areas of non-compliance
  • Prioritization of your high risk compliance areas
  • Action items for achieving full compliance
  • Responsible parties for action items
  • Target dates for completion of action items

The customized action plan serves as the roadmap for achieving survey success. It allows you to monitor your progress throughout the survey preparation phase. It targets the high risk compliance areas based on your setting, size, scope, and patient population. Our services are designed to meet your specific needs and help you stay ready for the Joint Commission survey.

Customized TJC Survey Preparation for High Risk Compliance Areas

Using the action plan as a roadmap, our customized TJC survey preparation tackles your high risk compliance areas. These are the areas likely to be ranked as High Risk and Widespread on your SAFER matrix. They’re also the areas likely to cause Condition level findings and result in adverse accreditation decisions and follow-up TJC surveys.

What To Expect From Our Customized TJC Survey Preparation Services

Our customized Joint Commission survey preparation addresses current high risk compliance areas for psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health organizations. Examples include:

  • Treatment Planning
    • Treatment plans based on assessments
    • Measurable goals/objectives
    • Individualized treatment plans
    • Monitoring progress
    • Updating treatment plans
  • B Tags for Psychiatric Hospitals
    • CMS Medical Record requirements
    • Auditing records for B Tag compliance
    • Designing medical record formats for B Tag compliance
  • Ligature Risks in Behavioral Health Settings
    • Environmental risk assessment
    • TJC ligature risk requirements
    • Best practice tools and resources
  • Suicide Risk Assessment
    • New 2019 National Patient Safety Goal requirements
    • Suicide risk screening vs. assessment
    • Linking suicide risk to treatment planning
    • Best practice tools and resources
  • Medication Management
    • Medication ordering
    • Medication storage
    • Medication administration
    • Monitoring of medications
  • Infection Control in Behavioral Health Settings
    • Infection Control risk assessment
    • Infection Control Plans
    • Infection Control surveillance
    • Annual Infection Control Evaluations
  • Competency Assessment in Behavioral Health Settings
    • Substance abuse
    • Child/adolescent treatment
    • Geriatric treatment
    • Eating disorder treatment
    • Medical management of psychiatric patients
  • Medical Staff Credentialing & Privileging
    • Medical Staff bylaws, rules, and regulations
    • Focused Professional Practice Evaluation
    • Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation

Benefits of Customized TJC Survey Preparation

Customized Joint Commission Survey prep for TJC complianceYou may be wondering- Why do I need a customized approach? Why not use a more standard approach to survey preparation? The environment for accreditation and regulatory compliance in today’s behavioral healthcare industry is complex. Your organization doesn’t need a “cookie cutter” approach to compliance.

Why use a standard approach when you can have customized survey preparation tailored to your setting and scope of service? With our customized TJC Survey preparation consultants, you get compliance solutions that work for your survey and beyond. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that make sense for your unique organization.

Why Partner With The Consultants At Barrins & Associates?

Our insights into the Joint Commission accreditation and survey process are based on our 20 years’ experience as nationally recognized consultants in the behavioral healthcare industry. We are dedicated not only to helping our clients earn successful survey outcomes, also to providing custom solutions that are effective in the long run.

Make sure your organization is prepared for your Joint Commission survey by working with a team of customized TJC survey preparation specialists. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us online or call us at 1-888-742-4621.

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