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January 2018

  • Guidance from CMS and TJC Regarding Surveying Ligature Risks
  • New Pain Management Standards for Hospitals

November 2017

  • Guidance from The Joint Commission Regarding Ligature Risks

October 2017

  • BH Conference Update: Expectations for Outcomes Measurement in 2018
  • Update from TJC BH Conference: Surveying of Ligature Risks

September 2017

  • Tips for Documenting the Mental Status Exam
  • Behavioral Health Manual Changes Coming in 2018
  • Update from TJC and CMS re Ligature Risks

July 2017

  • Field Feedback on Surveying of Ligature Risks

June 2017

  • Update on TJC Surveying of Ligature Risks
  • TJC HR Requirement: Competence Assessment by a Qualified Individual

May 2017

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Top Ten Compliance Issues on the SAFER Matrix
  • Environment of Care Updates: Exit Signs and Fire Drills

April 2017

  • Proposed Revisions to National Patient Safety Goal on Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Psychiatric Advance Directives in Behavioral Healthcare

March 2017

  • Increased Scrutiny of Environmental Safety Risks in Psychiatric Hospitals
  • TJC Updates: Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Program

February 2017

  • Revisions to BH Standards (Effective July 1, 2017)
  • Compliance Catch Up

January 2017

  • TJC Approves Revisions to Behavioral Health Outcome Measures Standard
  • Prepare for Focus on Antimicrobial Stewardship during 2017 Hospital Surveys

November 2016

  • Behavioral Health Organizations: New SAFER Matrix (Effective Jan. 2017)
  • Changes to TJC Clarification Process (Effective Jan. 2017)

October 2016

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Prepare for New Antimicrobial Stewardship Standard
  • Survey of Sober Living Houses in Behavioral Health Organizations

September 2016

  • Update on Medication Ordering and Therapeutic Duplication for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Influenza Vaccination: Important Compliance Issue for BH Organizations

July 2016

  • Recent Psychiatric Hospital Surveys: Strong CMS Focus
  • Proposed Standards Revision for Behavioral Health Outcome Measures

June 2016

  • Surveying Active Treatment in Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Trauma Assessment: Survey Findings and Resources

May 2016

  • TJC Introduces New SAFER Matrix Scoring Methodology
  • TJC Update on Texting of Orders

April 2016

  • Changes to TJC Survey Process for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Sentinel Event Policy Update
  • Kevin Huckshorn Joins Barrins & Associates

March 2016

  • Changes to TJC Accreditation Process for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Update on TJC Topics of Interest

February 2016

  • Oro 2.0 High Reliability Organizational Assessment
  • New Behavioral Health Care Standards for Permanent Housing Support Services
  • Barrins & Associates Attends TJC Consultants Forum

January 2016

  • New Requirements for Eating Disorder Programs
  • Responding to Changes in a Patient’s Condition

November 2015

  • Heads Up on Survey Findings
  • New Requirements for Clinical Alarm Management in Psychiatric Hospitals

October 2015

  • Survey Strategy: Preparation of Documents
  • Cleaning of Medical Equipment: Top Ten Compliance Issue for Hospitals

September 2015

  • Environmental Risk Assessment in Behavioral Health Settings
  • Prepare for Closed Record Review during Your Next Survey

July 2015

  • TJC Proposed Standards for Eating Disorder Programs
  • Competency Assessment for Group Facilitators

June 2015

  • Introducing New Associate: Mark Halal, LCSW
  • Refresher on Waived Testing Requirements

May 2015

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Study the CMS Worksheets
  • The Life Events Checklist: A Resource for Trauma Assessment
  • RiverMend Health engages Barrins & Associates

April 2015

  • A Closer Look at a Suicide Prevention Tracer
  • TJC Top Standards Compliance Data for 2014
  • TJC Quick Safety Article: Preventing Copy-and-Paste Errors in EHRs
  • TJC Newsletter for Chief Medical Officers

March 2015

  • Patient Safety: Evaluating the Culture of Safety and Quality in Your Organization
  • Q&A on the New Behavioral Healthcare Human Resources Management Chapter

February 2015

  • Patient Safety Systems New Chapter
  • Provision of Care Chapter: Highlights from 2014 TJC Surveys
  • NAPHS Annual Meeting: Barrins & Associates Gold Sponsor
  • Barrins & Associates Attends TJC Consultants Forum

January 2015

  • Revised Requirements for Psychiatric Hospitals with Deemed Status
  • New Sentinel Event Chapter

November 2014

  • National Patient Safety Goal on Alarm Management: Relevance for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Q&A on Behavioral Health Human Resource Standards and Requirements

October 2014

  • Changes to Behavioral Health Human Resources Chapter
  • TJC Behavioral Health Home Certification

September 2014

  • Feedback from TJC Hospital Executives Briefings
  • Suicide Risk Assessment Now #2 in Top Ten Compliance Issues for Behavioral Health

July 2014

  • “Opportunities for Improvement” Now Included in TJC Survey Reports
  • Heads up on TJC and CMS Requirement for Treatment Plans in Psychiatric Hospitals

June 2014

  • TJC Changes to PFIs and Life Safety Equivalencies
  • Heads Up on Battery Operated Smoke Detectors in BH Residential Settings
  • Revisions to TJC BH Opioid Treatment Standards

May 2014

  • High Reliability: Important Topic for TJC Leadership Interview
  • Competence Assessment in Behavioral Health

April 2014

  • Suicide Risk Assessment: Patient Bathrooms
  • Medication Instructions at Discharge
  • No More Complimentary Standards Manuals

March 2014

  • Competence Assessment by a Qualified
  • Barrins & Associates Attends TJC Consultants Forum

February 2014

  • Proposed Revisions to Behavioral Health Human Resources Chapter
  • Clarification: Current TJC Requirements for FMEAs

January 2014

  • Use Our Updated Tracer Tools for 2014
  • Sign Up for Our 2014 TJC Update Sessions

November 2013

  • TJC Behavioral Health Home Certification Available in January 2014

October 2013

  • Survey Scheduling Alert
  • Joint Commission Requirements for Trauma Assessment
  • Reminder about Expiration of Multi-Dose Vials

September 2013

  • Psychiatric Advance Directives

July 2013

  • Determining Client Competency to Self Administer Medication
  • Proposed New TJC Requirements for Sample Medications
  • TJC Survey Activity Guide Updated July 1, 2013

June 2013

  • BH Organizations: Additional Flu Vaccination Requirements Effective 7/1/13
  • Managing Contracted Clinical Services

May 2013

  • TJC to Offer New Certification for Behavioral Health Home
  • Conducting and Documenting Risk Assessments

April 2013

  • Joint Commission Requirements for Spiritual Assessment in Behavioral Health
  • Have you Updated Your Sentinel Event Policy?

March 2013

  • Visit Us at the National Council for Behavioral Health Conference
  • Update on CMS Activities
  • Back to Basics: Survey Management 101

February 2013

  • Credentialing and Assigning Clinical Responsibilities under the Behavioral Health Standards
  • QPRT: A Resource for Suicide Risk Assessment

January 2013

  • Use Our Updated Tracer Tools for 2013
  • Sign Up for Our 2013 TJC Update Sessions

November 2012

  • Primary Source Verification under the Behavioral Health Standards
  • Heads Up: Survey Scrutiny on Food Storage

October 2012

  • Feedback from Fall 2012 Joint Commission Conferences
  • New Focused Standards Assessment Identifies Risk Related Standards

September 2012

  • CMS Requires HBIPS Reporting for Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities
  • Behavioral Health Standards for Peer Support Services
  • Two Important Joint Commission Conferences Coming Up!

July 2012

  • Easing Up of Waived Testing Requirements
  • Disaster Privileging: Make Sure Your Process is in Order

June 2012

  • CMS Eases Verbal Order and Nursing Care Plan Requirements for Hospitals
  • New Prevention and Wellness Promotion Standards for Behavioral Healthcare

May 2012

  • TJC BH Manual Identifies Standards Applicable to Adoption Services
  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Scrutinize your Medical Staff Bylaws!

April 2012

  • Update on TJC’s “Integrated Survey Process” for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Behavioral Health Organizations/Programs: Does your Health Screening Process Meet the New 2012 Requirements?

March 2012

  • Increased Focus on Discharge Planning in Psychiatric Hospital Surveys
  • BH Organizations: Prepare for New Flu Vaccination Requirements

February 2012

  • Survey Tip: Renewed Interest in Eyewash Stations
  • Refresher on Waived Testing Requirements

January 2012

  • Use Our Updated Tracer Tools for 2012!
  • Which New 2012 TJC Requirements Affect You?

November 2011

  • Change to BH Health Screening Requirements Effective January 2012
  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Do You Have All the Documents You Need for Your Survey?

October 2011

  • Feedback for Psychiatric Hospitals from the TJC 2012 Hospital Executive Briefings

September 2011

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Additional Survey Days for Deemed Status for CMS Special Conditions of Participation
  • Coming in 2012: Easing of Physical Exam Requirements for Behavioral Health Residential Programs

July 2011

  • TJC Releases New BoosterPak on Suicide Risk Assessment
  • 2011 Behavioral Health Standards on Physical Holding of Children and Youth

June 2011

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: How CMS Impacts Your Joint Commission Survey
  • Incorporate Tracers into Your Continuous Readiness Program

May 2011

  • Managing Contracted Clinical Services
  • Clarification on Medication Reconciliation in the Outpatient Setting

April 2011

  • Update on TJC’s Deemed Status for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Feedback from Surveys: 1st Quarter 2011

March 2011

  • It’s Official: TJC Has Deemed Status for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Clarification Regarding Announced Surveys for Behavioral Health Organizations

February 2011

  • The Joint Commission Seeks Deemed Status for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Check out TJC’s Leading Practice Library
  • New 2011 Survey Activity Guide

January 2011

  • Effective January 1, 2011: Surveyors Begin Applying the New Care, Treatment, and Services Standards
  • New In 2011: Patient-Provider Communication Requirements for Hospitals

November 2010

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Be Ready for Increased Survey Focus on Cleaning of Medical Equipment
  • Infection Control now in Top 10 Standards Compliance Issues for Behavioral Health
  • New Resource for Residential Treatment Centers

October 2010

  • Change to Requirement for Monitoring Response to First Dose of a New Medication
  • Additional Day of Life Safety Code Surveyor for Hospitals in 2011
  • Sentinel Event Alert: “Preventing Violence in the Health Care Setting

September 2010

  • Hospital Based Inpatient Services (HBIPS) Core Measures Now Mandatory for Freestanding Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Nutrition Screening Still a Challenge for Behavioral Health Programs

July 2010

  • New Care, Treatment, and Services Chapter for Behavioral Health
  • Change to Requirement for History & Physical Exam in BH Residential Programs

June 2010

  • New Requirements for Psychiatric Hospitals
  • TJC Clarifies 28 Day Expiration Date for Multi-dose Vials
  • Do We Need Self Closing Doors in our Residential Program?

May 2010

  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Get Ready to Implement Core Measures
  • New Provision of Care Chapter to be Released for the Behavioral Health Program
  • Clarification from TJC: An Approved Abbreviations List is Not Required

April 2010

  • Feedback from Surveys: 1st Quarter 2010

March 2010

  • Assess Your Environment of Care for Suicide Risks
  • Heads Up on Labeling of Multi-Dose Vials

February 2010

  • Make Sure You Have a Process for High-Alert Meds
  • Take Note: New PI Requirement for Behavioral Health

January 2010

  • 2010 E-dition Available on you TJC Extranet Site
  • The Handy Portable Version of the Standards
  • New Medication BoosterPak Published by TJC
  • New Process for Survey Agendas in 2010
  • News Flash from the TJC Annual Behavioral Healthcare Conference

November 2009

  • Top Compliance Issues for First Half of 2009
  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Take Note of Changes to Your Survey Report Format
  • New Requirement for Submitting Evidence of Standards Compliance
  • New 2010 Behavioral Health Standards Still Available Online

October 2009

  • Feedback From Recent Surveys
  • Psychiatric Hospitals: Findings From Life Safety Code Surveys

September 2009

  • National Patient Safety Goals Revised for 2010: Some Changes Effective Immediately
  • Top 10 Standards Compliance Issues for 2008
  • New 2010 Behavioral Health Standards Available Online
  • Staffing Effectiveness Data No Longer Required

July 2009

  • Modifying the Treatment Plan following Restraint or Seclusion
  • Heads Up: Be Sure to Align your Emergency Management Drills with your Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

June 2009

  • Effective July 1, 2009: New Restraint and Seclusion Requirements for Hospitals Take Full Effect
  • Periodic Performance Review Pitfalls and Strategies

May 2009

  • FMEAS For Partial Hospital Programs: A Clarification
  • Don’t Overlook Your Public Notice About Contacting TJC
  • Sample Public Notice for Reporting Concerns to The Joint Commission

April 2009

  • Get Out Your Yardstick: How to Evaluate the Culture of Safety and Quality in your Organization
  • Changes to Unannounced Surveys for Behavioral Health: New 7 Days Notice for Many Organizations!