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Behavioral Healthcare Consulting for Accreditation and Compliance

Barrins & Associates helps you manage the challenges of accreditation and regulatory compliance. See how our 30-plus years of expertise in the behavioral healthcare industry can benefit you.

We provide you with behavioral healthcare consulting, including proven survey preparation and continuous survey readiness services to help you achieve successful outcomes on TJC and CMS surveys. We also assist behavioral healthcare organizations seeking initial TJC accreditation.

Joint Commission Survey Preparation

  • Education and Training
  • Gap Analysis
  • Mock Surveys
  • Customized Survey Preparation
  • Life Safety/Environment of Care Reviews
  • Survey Management Coaching

Joint Commission Continuous Survey Readiness

  • Unannounced Mock Surveys
  • Educational Webinars
  • Monthly E-Newsletter
  • Off-Site Support
  • Post-Survey Technical Assistance

CMS Compliance Support

  • Training on CMS CoPs and Interpretive Guidelines
  • Consultation on Integrating CMS and TJC Requirements
  • Technical Assistance with Response to CMS surveys
  • Mock CMS surveys

Today’s landscape of behavioral healthcare accreditation and regulatory compliance is increasingly complex. To navigate that landscape, you need behavioral healthcare consulting from a firm with proven expertise in behavioral healthcare compliance management.

Our team includes consultants who are former senior leaders of behavioral healthcare organizations and former TJC and CMS surveyors. They bring years of both operational and consulting expertise and put it to work in your organization. Watch them partner with your team to achieve successful survey outcomes and improve the quality of care you deliver!

The Joint Commission

TJC Accreditation and CMS Compliance is Our Specialty

100% Success Rate for TJC Initial Accreditation

19-Year Track Record

More Than 300 Clients Served

Joint Commission Puts Infection Control Issues High on Radar

Infection control issues are high on The Joint Commission’s radar these days. While psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health organizations admittedly do not have the same types of infection control challenges as med/surg hospitals, there are definitely infection...

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Trauma Assessment: Feedback from Recent Surveys

As we track survey results for our clients, we are seeing a recent trend related to trauma assessment and want to make you aware of it. The Joint Commission standard on trauma assessment is in the Behavioral Health manual. It’s standard CTS.02.02.05: "The organization...

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The Joint Commission Suicide Risk Recommendation FAQs

In the July issue of The Joint Commission Perspectives, responses to frequently asked questions from the field were published, relating to the suicide risk recommendations issued over the past several months. Since we’ve received numerous questions from readers...

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