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Strengthening Oversight of Healthcare Accreditation

Strengthening Oversight of Healthcare Accreditation: A Proposed Rule by CMS

In an ongoing effort to ensure the highest standards of quality and safety in healthcare facilities participating in Medicare and Medicaid programs, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has proposed significant changes to enhance its oversight of...

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complaint resolution

Ensuring Patient Rights: Understanding Healthcare Organization Complaint Resolution Processes

In any healthcare system, the rights and responsibilities of patients/clients and their families are vital. One critical aspect of this is the ability to voice concerns and have them addressed in a timely and effective manner. The Joint Commission Hospital and...

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accreditation eligibility criteria for opioid treatment programs

Joint Commission Accreditation: New Eligibility Requirements for Opioid Treatment Programs

Winter is here! Are you aware that The Joint Commission has recently revised its accreditation eligibility criteria for opioid treatment programs (OTPs)? This update holds significant importance for both Hospitals and Behavioral Health Care organizations with OTP...

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preliminary denial of accreditation decision

Joint Commission Accreditation: How to turn a preliminary denial of accreditation into an accreditation

Joint Commission accreditation is not only a mark of excellence but also a requirement for deemed providers receiving CMS funding and demonstrating a commitment to patient safety. However, the accreditation process can be rigorous, and a preliminary denial of...

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