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Rick Zehr, MS, BS

Rick Zehr, MS, BS

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Rick Zehr, MS, BS


Rick Zehr comes with over 30 successful years as an innovative and transformative executive specializing in healthcare consulting solutions focusing on clinical services, behavioral health services including addiction medicine, mental health, autism services, and telehealth solutions, and financial management services. Mr. Zehr has a strong history of launching world-class, cutting-edge health and wellness services and products and has established his organizations as international leaders. He develops healthcare organizations into state-of-the-art thought leaders.

For nearly 25 years, Mr. Zehr served as the Vice President of Addiction and Behavioral Services and Vice President of Ancillary Services at Proctor Hospital in Peoria, IL. He was also an Illinois Board Certified addictions counselor and developed the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery into the world’s first and most comprehensive multiple and specialty addiction hospital-based treatment provider. He was Certified Supervisor Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Counselor (CSADC), Certified Problem and Compulsive Gambling Counselor (PCGC), and Board Registered Mentally Ill/Substance Abuse Professional (MISA II).

Since 2019, Mr. Zehr has served as a General Manager of Long-Term Care for VirtuSense Technologies where he has been responsible for establishing partnerships with government and private sector entities such as Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), US Military divisions, Department of Veterans Affairs, Hospital Associations, Long Term Care Associations, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and Joint Commission/Federal Regulators.

Mr. Zehr has also served as the President at the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (IPMR) and the Rehabilitation Foundation and the President of OSF IPMR where he led the organization to national prominence as one of North America’s most innovative and comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation providers. His team launched one of the nation’s most expansive oncology rehab programs, they introduced central Illinois’ first Junior Football League sideline concussion screening program, and partnered to pioneer technology giving clients 24/7 access to their therapist, continuous education, and support from peers, therapists, nutritionists, etc. to promote a faster and more integrated healing.

Mr. Zehr has educated Fortune 500 companies, universities, and municipalities and has made numerous media appearances including “CBS This Morning”, Newsweek, Radio Islam, E! Network and the Times of London while assisting major media outlets such as Sports Illustrated, NPR, the BBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox.

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