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August 2023

Greetings to Our Colleagues in Behavioral Health!

August signals the end of summer for many people with the return to school, the end of summer vacations, and the impending arrival of Autumn. The days are growing shorter, yet the desire to make the most of every precious hour intensifies as the end of summer looms. 
The behavioral health effects of the month of August are plentiful. For children, adolescents, and their families the return to school can trigger stress and anxiety. Behavioral Health Care professionals play a crucial role in addressing these concerns and providing coping strategies for students, parents, and teachers. Financial pressures become overwhelming related to school expenses. Balancing work responsibilities with self-care routines become harder to manage. Behavioral Health Care professionals can help individuals focus to address work-related stressors and finances to maintain self-care routines.
Our first topic discusses the Joint Commission Standards and what you need to know about workplace violence.
Our second article discusses five surprising Joint Commission Standards frequently scored high risk.

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Did you know that the Joint Commission continues to place an emphasis on workplace violence prevention and response? TJC has several standards that support the development of a workplace violence program based on…

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You probably know that the TJC National Patient Safety Goal 15.01.01, Reduce the Risk of Suicide, EPs 1-5 are the five most cited standard and elements of performance in the Behavioral Health Care Standards Manual (CAMBHC). However, you probably do not know the next 5 most cited high-risk standards…

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joint commission frequently scored standards
Barrins & Associates provides Joint Commission and CMS consulting services for the Behavioral Healthcare industry. Our clients include psychiatric hospitals and freestanding Behavioral Healthcare organizations and we specialize in providing Survey Preparation and Continuous Survey Readiness services for the Behavioral Healthcare industry.

Barrins & Associates was founded by Anne Barrins, a Joint Commission surveyor for 13 years and is succeeded by Julia Finken with a 17 year tenure from The Joint Commission as a surveyor, the Associate Director of Business Development for the Home Care Program, and Executive Director of Business Development for the Behavioral Health Care and Psychiatric Hospital Programs.

Are You Compliant with the Joint Commission Standards Most Often Cited High-Risk?

Our Mock Survey is your best preparation. Contact us now to get scheduled and fully prepared for your next Joint Commission Survey.

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Joint Commission State Recognition Webpage

Are you aware that the Joint Commission has a Webpage that identifies recognitions for the Joint Commission accreditation and certification programs? As stated on the Joint Commission State Recognition Webpage.

“Recognition and reliance refer to the acceptance of, requirement for, or other reference to the use of Joint Commission accreditation, in whole or in part, by one or more governmental agencies in exercising regulatory authority. Recognition and reliance may include use of accreditation for licensing, certification or contracting purposes by various state agencies”.
This means that you may be able to use your Joint Commission Accreditation in lieu of undergoing a state or payor on-site survey or copious document submission to prove that you are a quality behavioral health care provider. 
Visit the Joint Commission State Recognition Webpage to take advantage of recognitions in your state.

Why Choose Barrins & Associates

“We’ve worked with Barrins & Associates for seven years. Follow their lead and you will not only achieve Joint Commission accreditation but improve practice as well.”

Ken Berrick, CEO
Seneca Family of Agencies
Oakland, CA,

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