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Ever wonder how your survey results stack up against other similar organizations? TJC has made that easier to do with its new SAFER Dashboard. The SAFER Dashboard is a self-serve data analytic tool. It allows organizations to view their survey data and national comparison data in one location. Effective April 6th, it’s available to all Joint Commission accredited organizations.

Access to the SAFER Dashboard

You can access your SAFER Dashboard on your Joint Commission Connect extranet site. First, click on the Resources & Tools tab. Next, click on SAFER Dashboard. Then, click on the Resources/Help tab.

You’ll see three excellent resources to help you understand how to use your SAFER Dashboard. We recommend you view the Training Video first. It provides an overview of the Dashboard and the information available within each of the Dashboard’s tabs.

Next, view the User Guide. It provides more detailed information on the contents of the different sections of the Dashboard.

Lastly, take a look at the list of Frequently Asked Questions. These FAQs are helpful. They provide answers to questions users often ask about the Dashboard.

SAFER Dashboard and SAFER Matrix

The SAFER Dashboard is an expansion of the data currently available on the SAFER Matrix in your Joint Commission survey report. If you’re interested in background information on the SAFER matrix itself, see our earlier posts: SAFER Matrix: A Closer Look at Scoring and SAFER Matrix: Update for Psychiatric Hospitals and BH Organizations.

How to Use SAFER Dashboard Data

There are a few easy-to-see advantages of the SAFER Dashboard. First, it contains your organization’s history of survey findings in one easily accessible location.

As a result, you can easily identify problem areas that have persisted over time and target them for improvement. In addition, you can compare your findings to national data. Thus, you’ll see how you measure up against similar organizations across the country.

Mock Survey Data

You can use the SAFER Dashboard to get an overview of your problem areas. Using data from your Barrins & Associates mock survey is the next step in achieving continuous readiness.

Our mock survey process and our reports go beyond identifying your problem areas for standards compliance. We provide recommendations and resources for achieving full compliance. In essence, a roadmap for continuous readiness.

We’re very pleased to now be back onsite with many of our clients. We’ve incorporated all the new standards and surveyor tools. As always, we’re prepared to support your ongoing compliance and survey readiness as we move forward in 2021.