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Did you know the Joint Commission published a February update to the 2023 standards? And similar to an annual spring cleaning, it is time to dust off the standards that need attention and get them organized with the new updates!

Joint Commission February 2023 Standards Update

This interim release was effective February 19, 2023, or as stated in the What’s New document posted in the E-dition on your Joint Commission Connect site. Here’s the good news. The Joint Commission has continued to delete “above-and-beyond” standards!

Take the following key standards and more off your watchlist, but beware, the intent of the requirements may be embedded in standards that remain in effect.

Hospital Standards: Themes of Selected Deleted Standards and EPs:

  • Ethical practices and conflict of interest –
    • LD 04.02.01, EPs 2-5: Deleted Standard and EPs
    • LD.04.02.03, EP1: Deleted Requirement
    • LD.04.02.05, EP1: Deleted Standard and EP
  • Anticoagulant Therapy –
    • NPSG.03.05.01, EPs 1, 4–6, and 8: Deleted Requirements
  • Behavioral Health or Patient Behavior Management –
    • PC.01.01.01, EPs 4 and 24: Deleted Requirements
    • Standard PC.01.03.03 and its EPs 1–5: Deleted Standard and Requirements
    • PC.01.03.05, EPs 4, 6, and 8: Deleted Requirements
    • Standard PC.03.01.09 and its EPs 1–4: Deleted Standard and Requirement
  • Waived Testing: responsibilities of the individual named on the CLIA certificate –
    • WT.01.01.01, EP 4: Deleted Requirement
    • WT.02.01.01, EP 2: Deleted Requirement
    • WT.04.01.01, EP 1: Deleted Requirement

Deleted Standards and EPs: What to do Now

  • Review deleted standards and EPs
  • Determine if the intent still exists in other standards or EPs
  • Ascertain whether the intent still endures in law & regulation
  • For fully deleted standard and EP intent, decide whether the intent of the standard remains important to your organization’s mission, culture, or safe patient/client care, treatment, or services
  • Review applicable policies, protocols, and processes to determine whether to continue or discontinue practices
  • Educate leaders, staff, licensed practitioners, and Board, as applicable, to the changes

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Barrins & Associates Consultation

We’ve incorporated the February HAP 2023 Standards Update into our Mock Survey and Continuous Readiness Consultations. We continue to be your partner in achieving and sustaining Joint Commission Accreditation and regulatory compliance.