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For licensing purposes, health care facilities are required to have pre construction risk assessment (PCRA) and infection control risk assessment (ICRA) processes established. But anyone who has tackled a construction project knows that identifying potential construction risks and developing strategies to mitigate or eliminate them in advance of the maintenance or construction commencing is difficult.

Risk Assessment Presentation at ASHE Conference

On August 7, at the ASHE annual conference in San Antonio, Jen Cowel, President of Patton Healthcare Consulting, an HBS Company, Barrins and Associates – HBS colleague Dominic Baratta; and Michael Pomarico from Pomarico Design Studio Architecture, will provide a step-by-step overview on how to eliminate the guesswork and confusion often associated with these projects. The PCRA/ICRA is a formal protocol used during any health care facility demolition, construction or renovation project to identify potential health care construction risks and create mitigation strategies to reduce or eliminate them.

Utilizing the new ASHE ICRA 2.0™ guidelines, this session will provide a step-by-step overview of how to standardize and visualize patient risk groups on life safety drawings to eliminate the guesswork and confusion before maintenance or construction starts. Attendees in engineering, facility and construction departments will leave this session empowered to accurately and easily identify the class of precautions and implement best practices to mitigate potential risk to patients, staff or visitors to any health care facility. 

Barrins and Associates Construction Risk Assessment Services

Barrins and Associates provides a complete range of Joint Commission and CMS compliance assistance including Building Walkthrough and LSC Survey, plan review, Occupancy Survey Preparation and document review including pre construction risk assessment (PCRA) and infection control risk assessment (ICRA). We continue to be your partner in achieving and sustaining Joint Commission Accreditation and regulatory compliance.